Glass Fibre Mesh Fabric

Fibreglass mesh cloth coated with acrylic resin has excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility and resistance to aging. Mesh fabric is available as a roll of material or as a tape, especially as a support for HB60 or Heat Resistant Plaster. Its properties make it ideal for roofing applications and for the reinforcement of insulation finishing systems.
Glass fiber mesh fabric Vitcas

Examples of Applications:

  • Roofing
  • Support / reinforcement for insulation finishing systems & plaster scrim

Related products

Heat Resistant Plaster

Vitcas® Heat Resistant Plaster is a fireproof smooth finishing coat added on top of Vitcas® Fireplace Render, Vitcas® HT Boards and construction boards. The plaster is resistant to 650oC / 1200oF

Heat Resistant Filler

Vitcas® Heat Resistant Filler can be used for small cracks around the chimney breast or on the joints in cement boards or mineral fibre boards. Ready mixed air setting material. Sets faster when warm.

Heat Resistant Adhesive-Vitcas HB60

VIitcas®HB60 is a heatproof adhesive for fireboards. Construction & joining.


Heat Accumulation Fireboard - Vitcas ACC

Ceramic Heat Accumulation Fireboard stores and accumulates heat, which makes it suitable for use in and around fireplaces and stoves. Prevents overheating in the room.