Fire cements & putties

Premium Fire Cement

Premium Fire Cement is a finely ground putty – like material which is resistant to high temperatures. It sets rock hard when exposed to heat or at room temperature, although the process takes longer the lower the temperature. Premium Fire Cement can ensure both smoke and gas tight joints.

  • Ready for use straight from the bucket.
  • Good Adhesion.
  • Rated to 1250 °C
  • Excellent shelf-life; at least 1 year under normal storage conditions.
fire cement and putties

Examples of Applications:

Premium Fire Cement can be used in domestic applications wherever smoke, heat or fumes are escaping from solid fuel appliances, fireplaces, gas cookers, stoves and ranges, central heating systems and boilers.

It can also be used to repair fire backs for jointing internal flue pipes and on all structures subject to temperatures up to 1250ºC.

Fire Cement can be used in industry in cast iron cooker assembly plants.

In the investment casting process Premium Fire Cement is used to:

  • Repair cracked ceramic shells
  • Seal wax drainage holes in ceramic shells
  • As an aid to achieve directional solidification during the casting process

Also available:

  • Mould repair putty (MRP)
  • DS grades
  • T&K grades
  • X grade